From 2023 on we use the open and distributed communication protocol Matrix for our chat.

All chat channels are hosted in our own homeserver:

Joining the communication on Matrix is highly recommended in order to keep up to date before and during the event, because it is the only real-time communication medium we use.

All communication in all channels on is subject to our Code of Conduct.

1. Create a Matrix account

If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

First, you need a Matrix account.

In order to keep the costs down we do not allow to register new accounts on the Codefreeze homeserver, because if these accounts are used to join channels on other Matrix homeservers, incoming federation traffic will be significantly increased.

2. Join the Codefreeze space

Join the Codefreeze space using this link to find all the relevant channels.

3. Optional: Install mobile applications

You can use a browser-based client from your mobile phone (like for example FluffyChat) or install a native app, for example Element which has apps for Android and iOS and a web-based client.

Requesting additional channels

You may at any time request additional public or private channels, just reach out to one of Codefreeze Matrix homeserver admins:

Infrastructure runs on an small AWS Lightsail instance (2 GB RAM, 2 vCPUs, 60 GB SSD) which costs around USD$ 12.50 / month and is hosted in the eu-north (Stockholm) region.