Kiilopää Fell Center in Lapland is an ideal place to get in touch with the Nordic wilderness. At Kiilopää you can conquer a fell, dip into an ice-cold lake, and ski under the Northern Lights. Or you can just sick back and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty, sense the arctic peace and quiet, and listen to exotic Lapland stories by the fireplace.

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The Sauna World of Kiilopää is called Kuurakaltio. There are two electric saunas with dressing rooms and showers, as well as a traditional Finnish smoke sauna. There are separate sauna facilities for men and women.

After sauna, dip into the refreshing waters of Kiilopuro fell brook! In wintertime the water temperature is approx. -1 ºC

During Codefreeze, the smoke sauna is heated on Tuesday on Wednesday, and on Tuesday we have a private sauna from 3pm-6pm.

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Winter swimming

Care to try swimming in -1 ºC (water) / -25 ºC (air)

New moon

On Tuesday, there is 'Moon and Stars' snow shoe trek in the night.

Have you ever been winter swimming? It is an experience when the air temperature is around -20 ºC while the water is -1 ºC. You might want to try that first from the smoke sauna. And if feeling really crazy, why not to take a fresh start in the morning?

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During the stay, there are guided treks in Kiilopää. Attending to the treks is free for people staying at Kiilopää

For example. On Tuesday Feb 3rd there is Guided Nordic skiing trip ~ 15km during the day, and in the evening there is Stars and the moon guided trip with snowshoes. On Wednesday, there is Guided snowshoe trip to nearby fells.

For more information, please refer to Kiilopää weekly winter schedule

Kiilopää is owned by Suomen Latu, the Outdoor Association of Finland. Suomen Latu is a promoter of outdoor activities, an expert in hiking and an organisation which is open to all. The main objective of Suomen Latu has always been to increase Finnish people’s interest in exercise as well as developing possibilities for outdoor, conditioning and recreational exercise. Nowadays guarding everyman’s right has become more and more important.