Few more words

That’s what I wear. Mostly merino wool. Except of some inner layer mesh clothes and the outermost layer, which has to be windproof. Easy, isn’t it. I wear using the same principles year around, if hiking / cycling in non-summer temperatures -> I wear merino wool 1-N layers with wind proof (or GoreTex) outer layer. Easy.

For codefreeze, for you - what to bring. No need to buy everything. If you want something - think about buying something made from 100% merino wool - that I think would provide the most value and that could be used later. Buff. again - my favorite garment of all: merino wool Buff. It made of awesomeness, in it’s pure form. It has to be.

Anyway, I’ll bring most of my gear. I’ll be around from Sunday evening until Thursday (early) morning. I will be helping with the outer layer - so that no-one actually needs to freeze.

And, if you’be read this far - please bring swimming suit. I know, we are in Finland and in Finland we go to sauna naked. That’s true, except in (most) public saunas, where there can be anyone. And, swimming suit is nice when dipping into the rather refreshing water nearby the sauna.

#proTip: To acclimatize ourselves (I do this too, and I’ve experienced the benefits already) - when we’re taking a shower, let’s turn the knob to the coldest and enjoy a really refreshing cold shower. For a few seconds (at start) and then few tens of seconds. Doing that, and freezing cold temperatures in Lapland don’t feel that cold anymore.

Inner layer

For me, clothing always starts from the innermost layer. For me, it is the most important, that this particular layer insulates well and does not get/feel wet. Merino wool underwear is my choice - nowadays I typically wear 100% merino wool from smartwool

If it is cold, say more than -10, I typically wear strechmesh underpants that insulate too rather well. On top of that, I might have some extra middle-wear, but only if I am not going to do any physical exercise. Or if it really cold. With this setup (of inner layers), I’ve been skiing in -25C easily.

Similarly I wear on my body - merino wool t-shirt, another layer of merino wool, with some mesh shirts. Typically I wear, like this. 2-3 layers of very thin merino wool / mesh shirts. On very cold days, I might add one more merino wool shirt.

Middle layer

Middle layer is something I typically wear only when I’m not doing anything physical. Or, when in codefreeze, probably all the time. Especially in the Stars and the Moon night trek - it’s not going to be much of an exericse - cold it might be.

In middle layer I wear, for the biggest suprise, either more merino wool, or something totally different, either something made of PolarTec or Fleece.

Other garments

Others then?

Hats? Merino wool Buff - don’t hesitate. But two of those. Or three. That way, you can have a very warm hat (2 Buffs) and one very warm neckwarmer. Or bring normal hat, under which you can have a Buff hat.

I have 2 merino wool Buffs always with me. And some other hats, some are windproof, most are not.

Gloves? I have, surprise again, merino wool inner gloves with warm outer gloves. Actually I have so many different kinds of gloves I can’t even count. When doing anything physical, I wear very thinly gloves. Other times I wear the most warm I find. For you - bring at least some gloves.

Socks? Could you guess? I wear only merino wool socks. Nothing else. Matters.

Outer layer

For outer layer, it’s enough that it is wind resistant. And maybe cozy enough to wear. I typically don’t wear anything super expensive GoreTex jackets/trousers. In winter, I myself have both soft shell jacket, like and an anorak, like. I use an anorak when skiing, and a soft shell jacket when snowboarding. Why - I don’t really know.

For trousers, something comfy and windproof, like these Fjällraven trousers.

Anyway, the most important thing is, that it should be wind resistant. At least if planning to do any physical exercise above the tree level.

What to wear

Basically, the most important thing in Lapp winter is to wear clothes in layers.

Here I’ll describe what I often wear, when in Lapland, whether snowboarding, skiing, or hiking (in winter).